General Information
Although we have been life-long dog lovers, we fell in love with Labrador Retrievers and the world of dog showing in 1981. Since then we have shown our dogs all over the United States and occasionally in Canada. In years past we have shown our dogs in both obedience and conformation, but recently have shown primarily in conformation.
Our Labradors are predominantly English Show bloodlines, but we have also used Swedish and Finnish bloodlines in our breeding program. We strive to produce dogs which are sound both in structure and temperment. Since our first love in showing was in performance events, we pay close attention to working aptitude. We aim to produce very biddable and easy to train dogs. There are Huntcrest Labradors competing with their owners, every weekend, in conformation shows, obedience and agiltiy trails, and hunt tests.
We are extemely proud of the many service dogs that we have produced. Each day these dogs guide the blind, and give independence to their physically challenged owners. Some of our dogs work as therapy dogs, in group homes and in nursing homes. They are four-footed, furry angels!
We have also produced several working Arson and Explosive Detection dogs. These dogs use their fabulous noses in service, to protect us all. God Bless them and their trainer/handlers in their daily work.
The great majority of our dogs are family pets. This is the highest calling for a dog. It is one of the reasons man domesticated them to begin with. Nothing pleases us more than to hear the many stories of how our dogs have changed and enriched the lives of their owners and families. As a breeder, this is what makes all the work worthwhile. Breeding champion dogs is more than just winning blue ribbons! We are dedicated to our dogs and their lifelong well being.